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Happy Birthday Pineapple Pedicabs!

Two years! Woooohoooo!!! Happy 2nd Birthday Pineapple Pedicabs! To celebrate, I would like to share the birth story of Pineapple Pedicabs with you.

Every September in Reno, we have the Great Reno Balloon Race at San Rafael Park. In 2018 my friends and I attended the balloon race. At the end of the event, we were waiting for a cab, an hour goes by, and we are still waiting with no end in sight. As we grew impatient, I started to wonder, where are the pedicabs?

I looked at my friends and asked, "Have you guys ever seen pedicabs in Reno?!"

My friends looked around, puzzled as we all realized that there were no pedicabs in Reno.

"OMG! That's it, I'm gonna start a pedicab business in Reno!" (Photo below was taken during this conversation)

That was all I needed, an idea. From the first time I stepped foot in Reno, I was in love. It was my dream to move to The Biggest Little City, all I needed was a way to support myself, and now I had it! Eight months later, after loads of research, talking to numerous people and other local businesses, I opened Pineapple Pedicabs on May 17, 2019.

I have been passionate about pedicabbing since the first time I ever drove a pedicab in Key West, FL, in 2012. I couldn't wait to bring my pedicab passion to Reno. Reno is a rad, progressive, artsy town that needed local, environmentally-friendly transportation to show locals and tourists all that Reno had to offer.

I came up with the name Pineapple Pedicabs since pineapples are the international symbol of friendship and hospitality. Also, I wanted to bring some of that Key West tropics vibe to the desert. Did I mention the alliteration; it's fun, go ahead, say it out loud, Pineapple Pedicabs!

In 2019 I bought my first pedicab and named him Keeno in honor of my dog that had passed the same day. The first summer was fun and a huge growing experience. In Reno, it was challenging to find someone who even knows what a pedicab was. People were so shocked; they thought my pedicab was an art piece going to Burning Man.

I converted Keeno into not only another form of transportation but an experience. To raise awareness, I started giving free rides down the main strip to show bystanders what they were missing. Pineapple Pedicabs is now a staple in Reno that locals and tourists enjoy.

We have grown to have employees now riding the other pedicabs. These employees represented the Pineapple Pedicab brand and offered more rides in different parts of the town. In fact, the following year, my team and I were able to attend the Great Reno Balloon Race and offer rides to the attendees. Below is one of our pedicabs at the Great Reno Balloon Race in 2019.

We have also started doing specialized tours around Reno. Reno isn't known for its art, but it is rich in Murals and sculptures scattered throughout the city. On my tours around Downtown, Midtown, and the Riverwalk, you get a private, informative tour around some of Reno's most hidden yet spectacular pieces.

This 2021 summer, Pineapple Pedicabs will start the season with five pedicabs rolling around Reno, providing safe, COVID-friendly transportation.

We look forward to seeing you out there!

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Hi Jamie, This is Bob. I'm Jyoti"s dad. My girlfriend, Alma, and I rode in your pedicab in Key West when we were visiting Jyoti. We live in California and look forward to visiting you the next time we come to Reno. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS!!!!

Aug 10, 2021
Replying to

Oh my gosh!! It's so great to hear from you! Definitely hit me up next time you come to Reno!! I look forward to seeing you guys! 😁

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