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an advertising company with a biking problem

Give your business massive outreach. Pineapple Pedicabs are just like billboards - just way more visible. They're also associated with supporting local, saving the environment and fun!

What ds ths look like?

types of advetising

We offer 2 main types of advertising: Digital Billboard & Pedicab Wraps

Digital Sceens

Each pedicab in Reno is equipped with a vibrant LED screen on the back, creating engaging and dynamic interactions with the people on the streets.

Key Facts:

  • We have a fleet of 5 pedicabs 

  • Each pedicab accommodates 20 ads,

  • Advertisements are displayed on the screen for 10 seconds

  • Pedicabs operate for a minimum of 20 hours per week

  • Our pedicabs make rounds in prominent areas such as the MidTown District, Downtown Reno, Wells Ave., 4th St, Brewery District, and the Riverwalk District

Pedicab wraps

Get your brand noticed from every angle throughout the day by adorning every side of our pedicabs with your logo. Our wrap covers the entire body of the pedicabs, including the sides, foot panel, handle bar and back. During daytime hours, your branded cover is placed over the TV screen, and in the evening, the cover is removed to showcase the screen.

Key Facts:

  • We have a fleet of 5 pedicabs available, allowing for widespread brand exposure

  • 3 mo, 6mo or year contacts available

  • The daytime cover is removed around sunset

  • Digital screens can be added onto your pedicab wrap to ensure non-stop exposure

  • Our pedicabs are strategically located in popular areas such as the MidTown District, Downtown Reno, Wells Ave., 4th St, Brewery District, and the Riverwalk District.


All of our advertising comes with all of these extras:

  • Feature on our social media @pineapplepedicabs (monthly)

  • Feature on the Pineapple Guide to Reno (blog)

  • Feature on Pineapple Guide to Reno Newsletter 

Please note that the posting amount and other specific details may vary depending on the chosen advertising plan

what this looks like

Add ons & Packages

Take Over Days

Take Over Days

Take Over Days are special occasions when your business sponsors "FREE RIDES" for the community! These days can be utilized to provide transportation for your exclusive events or offer rides during major happenings in Reno.


Imagine having your own dedicated Street Team, actively promoting your business on the streets. Word of mouth is undeniably the most effective form of advertising, and with our Take Over Days, you'll have a powerful marketing presence

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