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Pineapple Pedicabs Reno Event Round Up for December

'Twas a merry Thanksgiving 🍁

We hope you all had a yummy Thanksgiving! This year we want to say how thankful we are to be so accepted by the Reno community and business owners supporting Let It Glow, which we'll tell you all about in our post here. It has been overwhelming how much support we have received. When we started this journey we thought this would only be in MidTown this first year and we were hoping to get at least 10 businesses to sign up.

Well, Let It Glow quickly spread between the districts: Downtown, Riverwalk, Brewery and Wells Ave. At that point we were still hoping to get about 10 businesses per district... so say around 50 businesses. Well, Let It Glow starts TOMORROW and a whopping 110 businesses signed up! WOW! So thank you Reno, thank you for accepting our crazy idea and helping us make Reno Glow!

We usually tell you about last month, BUT...

You see, a lot happened last month, and above all else there was a lot of planning for this month and Let It Glow! So we're gonna skip over the recap this month and go straight into all things LET IT GLOW, RENO!!!!

Peggy overseeing the building of the life-sized Lite Brite for Let It Glow!


Looking Forward: A little holiday chill, and a LOT of glowing lights.

Let It Glow, Reno is here folks-- all that talk has finally turned into action! Now it’s time to glow and party! So, how can you participate, you ask? First and foremost you can go on one of our infamous Twinkle Tours to see all the glow that Reno has to offer! More on that below. Next, we need your help casting a vote for your favorite light show! Check out all the lights and let us know your favorite piece. We'll tell you how to vote below.

Truckee Meadows Bike Alliance piece for Let It Glow, Reno. See 'Bike Alliance' outside of Sizzle Pie.


Twinkle Tours are your chance to see all the stunning holiday lights Reno has to offer. Prepare to be amazed by some of the extensive displays, folks! Tours start THIS FRIDAY and will run every Thursday, Friday, and Sunday through January 8, 2023 (whoa--a new year already?!?)

We have teamed up with the Brew Bike so we can now accommodate large groups! Wooohooo! So if you’re looking to light up your holiday party or family gathering, we have you covered!

Dates: December 2-January 8

Days of the week: Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Times: 5, 6 & 7pm


Please get out there and start voting TODAY!!! Travel by bike, Pineapple Pedicab, scooter, foot, or car to look at the lights.

How to vote:

  1. Take photo of your favorite light piece

  2. Upload it to your Instagram

  3. Tag #letitglowreno and the name of the business (if you don’t know the biz insta don’t worry, we will be re-sharing and tagging for you)

BOOM! You're done. It's as simple as that, and may the odds be ever in your....uh, we mean the businesses'... favor!


Where To Find Us: Let It Glow Parties 🎉

December 1st: MidTown Tree Lighting Ceremony (pedicab rides sponsored by Sierra Lighting)

December 3rd: Wells Avenue District Party at RED (there will be Pineapple Pedicab rides AND an Art Car sponsored by RED to give you rides around to see the lights!)

December 7th: Downtown Reno Tree Lighting at City Plaza (pedicab rides sponsored by Promantic!)

December 7th: Reno Bike Night Let It Glow Group Ride at City Plaza (hosted by Bike Night Reno)

December 17th: Riverwalk's Ugly Sweater Party Wine Walk (pedicab rides sponsored by Downtown Reno Partnership)

December 29th: Let It Glow Spotlight Party - stay tuned for details on this extra special party where the light show winner will be crowned! (do you like how we made this day-glo green? Well it's just that special!)


We still have business sponsorship spots...

There is still time to get your business seen at all of these fun Let It Glow events! For a limited time rates start at $150 for the digital screen!

Twinkle Tours ALWAYS sell out. These events are jam packed full of holiday goers looking for ideas for their holiday presents or where to get a yummy cocktail or food!

Customize your Pineapple Pedicabs partnership here.


🎁 Give the best holiday gift around!

Looking to give an experience this holiday season? Look no further and give a fun Pineapple Pedicabs tour! Did you know we just added a Distillery Tour? We have tons of tour options for people with all different interests, and for all ages. Gifting an experience is an amazing way to decrease waste, support a local business, and provide a memory for a loved one that will last waaaaay after the wrapping paper gets recycled.


Still looking for more pedicab inspired fun? Check out our calendar to plan ahead.

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