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Make Impressions with Pedicab Advertising in Reno

Updated: May 5, 2023

In the modern state of short attention spans and online advertising saturation, savvy marketers are always looking for advertising solutions that are effective and affordable. Pineapple Pedicabs has awesome options to increase impressions and brand awareness all over Reno. If you are looking to promote your event, product, brand, or storefront to visitors and locals in Reno, read on to see how pedicab advertising might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Pedicab Advertising Really Works

Advertising your brand or event with Pineapple Pedicabs offers some serious benefits over other options. Compared to other advertising mediums, pedicab ads are:

  • Affordable and able to meet virtually any budget demands

  • More effective, making 1000’s of longer impressions than other vehicles

  • Eco friendly with zero emissions and far less waste

  • Flexible, adaptable, and customizable

  • Quick turnaround time, with ability to change ads to improve effectiveness

  • Engaging, with the invaluable addition of real-time live brand ambassadors

Make every penny of your advertising budget count. Pedicab advertising is the best choice for marketers in the know. Choose Pineapple Pedicabs to get advertising that rolls over the rest. We have a full suite of advertising services that will drive prospects to become loyal customers. Read on to learn a few ways pedicab advertising can help your business grow.

Pedicab Street-Facing LED Screen Advertising

One of the most common ways to advertise on a pedicab is to put your message on the back of the pedicab. This gets you thousands of impressions in the location where your potential customer is going to be–out and about on the street! Pineapple Pedicabs can provide digital space on our large LED screens for 5-second static images or video ads up to 15 seconds!

Client-Facing Tablet Advertising

Want your ads to reach potential customers that are riding with Pineapple Pedicabs? Tablet advertising is an excellent option to put your message in front of a captive audience. Tourists looking for the best restaurant in town or locals looking for a super fun upcoming event are seated and ready to receive your message. Pineapple Pedicabs can display your video or static image ad to riders, connecting with them directly.

Up Your Engagement Game with Brand Ambassadors

If you really want to make a lasting impression on potential customers, up your engagement game with Pineapple Pedicabs Brand Ambassadors. Our fleet of pedicabs are out a minimum of 20 hours per week, weather permitting. Our drivers are friendly, fun, and informative and our riders are always asking us for recommendations.

A real-live human being who has already connected with your potential customer is the perfect person to talk up your brand, event, or storefront. We can wear your gear, pass out your schwag, and complement your visual ads with a personal approach. We are open to getting creative and trying new ideas. Let’s work together to customize your advertising strategy today.

Free Ride Campaigns

Want to drive traffic to your booth at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center? Looking for a fresh way to emotionally connect with potential customers to create loyalty? Free ride campaigns are an excellent way to emotionally connect with your prospects. We can deck out our pedicabs with on-brand messaging and offer convention attendees free rides, sponsored by your business to and from convention events. Our drivers will verbally promote your business and even pass out brochures, tickets, or coupons.

Local businesses who want to show their appreciation to local customers and increase loyalty at the same time can offer free rides, too. A local brewery or restaurant, for example, can hire our fleet of pedicabs to offer guests a free ride home or to another location in the area. There are endless opportunities to make a lasting impression on customers with free rides that will keep them talking positively about your brand for the long haul.

Pineapple Pedicabs is a locally-owned woman-run business ready and willing to advertise your brand all over Reno. If you're looking for a more effective way to make impressions, consider booking ads with us. Contact the Pineapples at 775-234-8188 to discuss options, get custom pricing, and get rolling on making your mark in Reno!

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