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Tour of Burning Man Art

- 1 long
- Explore iconic landmarks
- View murals and local art
- Explore Downtown Reno
- See art from Burning Man
- Pass beneath both Reno's arches
- Ideal for 1-4 people
For larger groups, you can see all of these same things and more on the Enchanted Reno Tour or City of Reno Tour on Reno Brew Bike

Tour of Burning Man Art

Embark on an extended adventure through the heart of Downtown Reno with our 1-hour Pineapple Pedicabs' Reno Brew Bike tour. Delve into the city's rich artistic tapestry, as we explore iconic landmarks, showcasing stunning murals and locally-crafted art that pays homage to the unique spirit of Burning Man. This immersive journey takes you beneath Reno's iconic arches, all while offering an ideal experience for groups of 1 to 4 people. If you're part of a larger group looking to savor the same captivating sights and more, consider our Enchanted Reno Tour or City of Reno Tour on the Reno Brew Bike, where the artistry and vibrancy of this incredible city truly come to life.

If you have a large group, we offer everything this tour has an more on our Enchanted Reno Tour, City of Reno Tour on Reno Brew Bike.

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