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Reno City Tour on Reno Brew Bike

- 1 to 1.5 hours long
- See Downtown, MidTown including murals and art from Burning Man
- Learn history
- Ideal for groups of 6-30 people

Reno City Tour on Reno Brew Bike

Jump on board our exclusive Pineapple Pedicabs tour on the Reno Brew Bike and immerse yourself in the vibrant art and history of Reno. Starting in Downtown, we explore the city's lively art scene, inspired by the Burning Man ethos, showcasing stunning murals, sculptures and installations.

As we pedal into MidTown, you'll learn about the local artists who've shaped Reno's culture and dive into some intriguing history. This isn't just a tour, it's an interactive experience that encourages camaraderie and fun as you explore Reno's charm.

Whether you're a group of 6 or a party of 30, our tour is perfect for any occasion, providing a unique opportunity to connect, laugh, and discover Reno like never before. So, hop on the Reno Brew Bike for an unforgettable, art-filled journey!

If the date or time you are looking for isn't available please contact us at

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