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Are you ready to taste your way through Reno? We have teamed up with Food & Drink Week to bring you 3 different tours featuring local restaurants and bars!  You will get a chance to tour each district, Downtown, Brewery & MidTown tasting the difference and culture of each district. 

How it works: You pick the stops! Tours are 3 hours long, you pick the 4 different stops that you want to make and then we take care of the rest, you just meet us at the pickup location with a smile.

Don't want to pick? Like surprises? Select, Surprise me! at check out! 

Dates: June 5-16, 2023

Length: 3 hours

Stops: 4

Group Size: 2-3 - Please keep in mind that 3 people is the maximum and you will be snug in the back of a pedicab

Price: $60 per person ($120 per couple)

Transportation, reservations and planning are all provided with your ticket.  You are responsible for food & drink purchases and tipping. 

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