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Distillery Tour

- 3 hours
- Visit 3 to 4 distilleries
- Spirit flights included at each stop
- Behind the scenes look at each distillery
- Travel through the historic Brewery District
- Tour is offered on Pineapple Pedicabs (2-4 people) , Sinderella Art Car (6-10 people) & Reno Brew Bike (6-30 people)

Distillery Tour

Traverse the spirited lanes of Reno on an immersive voyage that uncovers the craft and creativity behind every bottle. Our Reno Distillery Tour guides you through the city's premier distilleries, each with its unique method of conjuring exquisite spirits. Marvel at diverse distillation techniques and delve deep into the alchemy of flavors, from zesty botanicals to mellow oaks. And, of course, no tour is complete without savoring the essence of the craft. Sample a curated selection of spirits, distilled to perfection and brimming with character. For those with a penchant for history, innovation, and a well-crafted drink, this tour is your ticket to Reno's most refined spirits realm. Cheers to the tales and tipples that await!

This tour is offered by:
Pineapple Pedicab (2-4 people)
Reno Brew Bike (6-10 people)
Sinderella (Art Car) (6-30 people)

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