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Brewery Tour

- 3 hours long
- Stop of 3-4 different breweries
- Beer flights included at every stop
- Personal behind the scenes look at each brewery
- Explore the historic Brewery District
- Tour is offered on Pineapple Pedicabs (2-4 people) , Sinderella Art Car (6-10 people) & Reno Brew Bike (6-30 people)

Brewery Tour

Dive deep into Reno's flourishing beer scene on a curated adventure that promises both flavor and knowledge. Our Reno Brewery Tour whisks you away to four distinct breweries, each with its unique brewing philosophy and flair. Witness the intricate art of crafting a traditional German lager, delve into the tangy world of sour beers and explore many more brewing wonders. But what's learning without a little tasting? Delight in carefully selected samples at each stop, tickling your palate with the very best of Reno's brews. For the aficionados of history and hops alike, this tour will not disappoint. Cheers!

This tour is offered on Pineapple Pedicabs (2-4 people), Sinderella (Art Car) (6-10 people), Reno Brew Bike (6-20 people)

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